Distance MBA in JAIPUR

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Jaipur National University is now providing distance education through multimedia channels. JNU University is ranked among top 50 universities by India Today and is one of the top universities in Rajasthan. We provide various blended and inter-disciplinary distance education programmes of education and research in the country.

IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL is offering Distance MBA in Jaipur from Jaipur National University. Grow Ahead with Distance MBA in JAIPUR via IPS BUSINESS SCHOOL.

Achieve the Growth with Distance MBA in JAIPUR

One of the greatest benefits of distance MBA in JAIPUR is that it is highly flexible and comparatively affordable. You don’t have to sacrifice your work or pay an exorbitant fee to pursue distance MBA from Assam Down Town University. The combination of both, the distance MBA program and the university fulfill your requirements and help polish your skill set while you set to achieve more in your career. Distance MBA in JAIPUR makes you learn by challenging you, provides an opportunity for students to learn while they earn and hence allows you to simultaneously test theory in a corporate environment. Pursuing distance MBA gives you the opportunity to take up a job in your desired area of specialization and helps you build awareness of the real corporate world functions. You complete your distance MBA from Assam Down Town University at your own pace and convenience. You also study from a learning centred course module with minimal investment, which gives you comprehensive development of analytical skills and in-depth operational knowledge of the corporate industry.

Jaipur National University is amongst the most reputed universities in the country offering distance MBA in courses which are sprouting in demand in the practical world and have a strong need amongst the employers.

Programme Fee:

The university charges the prescribed fee form all the programmes.
Table: Programme-wise break-up of the Total Fees (Annual Fee)

  Program Name Prospectus Fee Programme Fee Examination Fee Total Payable Amount Back/ Due Paper Exam Fee
  MBA 500/- 18000/- 1000/- 19500/- 1000/-
  PGDCA 500/- 18000/- 1000/- 19500/- 1000/-
  Diplomas in Mgmt. 500/- 18000/- 1000/- 19500/- 1000/-
  MCA 500/- 18000/- 1000/- 19500/- 1000/-
  BBA (Retailing) 500/- 12000/- 1000/- 13500/- 1000/-
  BCA 500/- 12000/- 1000/- 13500/- 1000/-
  B.Sc. 500/- 12000/- 1000/- 13500/- 1000/-



In addition to the prescribed fee as mentioned in the table university charges the following fee for the issuing certificates and other documents as mentioned in the table given here under:

  S.No. Examination Related Work Payment Norms/ Fee Structure
  1 Issuing Migration Certificate 600/-
  2 Issuing Duplicate Mark Sheet 400/-
  3 Issuing Duplicate I-card 400/-
  4 Issuing Provisional Degree Certificate 400/-


Some of the most acclaimed specializations offered in MBA are:

MBA in Information Technology: According to a report published by The Ministry of External Affairs, India’s IT sector is growing at a rate of 25% per annum, having already employed over 1 Crore people. This employment rate is expected to further increase as big foreign companies foray into India. This would boost the expected market exponentially and make it reach up to $300 billion by 2020.

MBA in Operations Management: Specialising in operations gives you a great chance to thrive in an environment where there is high demand. Specialists in this field witness chances of fast monetary and financial growth.

MBA in Finance Management: Are you driven by numbers? Does financial management interest you? Or, you want to ensure finances are always under control? Take up this specialisation and sharpen your number skills while you also strengthen your knowledge of a developing economy like India.

MBA in Human Resource: Help build the backbone of an organization you are a part of or understand the processes better. The HR team of an organization works round the clock to get new employees on board and keep the existing ones happy.

MBA in Marketing Management: Establish your career through Assam Down Town University in one of the most dynamic and popular specialisations in India. Learn the tricks of the trade used in this dynamic field.

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