IPS UniquenessThe entire approach of IPS is of a finishing school for overall higher level skills and healthy habits development to make its students employable / entrepreneurial by focussing on bridging the gap in terms of attitudes, personality, functional knowledge, professional skills, perception, applied insights, integrity, interpersonal sensitivity, character, holistic health - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & social, discipline, good habits, hard work, self-motivation, continuous learning, community & customer sensitivity, environmental awareness, being responsible and taking initiative and so on. Only two hurdles exist - passionate learner students and equally passionate faculty are not available easily. That is the reason we are absolutely transparent so that no student, staff or faculty join IPS with any misconception or illusion. We have no tool to check anyone’s passion, intensity of motivation, integrity or dedication. Therefore if you feel the need to change and can face these difficulties willingly, wanting to change, then only join IPS. If such students are not available, we will only be happy to close down the institute as IPS is created not for any private profit but to be an inspirational low cost high quality model in people development aimed at the less fortunate vis-à-vis the fortunate ones who could be in elite and branded institutions due to birth, opportunities and exposure.

For us at IPS it is a struggle and challenge to change people. In the process we face criticisms, accusations, insinuations, arguments, frustrations and many ordeals. Even some students persuade incoming students not to join IPS. But we move on, as almost 99% IPSians come back later, expressing their gratitude. But we don’t get excited as we are not doing what we are doing for any recognition or acceptance. We just do whatever we aspire to do keeping the society in mind, expecting nothing in return except our satisfaction and salary. That is the only selfishness we have.